'I'm a Gyprocker' Awards 2022 – FAQ's

Where are the full Terms and Conditions?
When do entries open and close?
CSR Gyprocker Awards entries open at 9am 09/05/22 (AEST) & close 5pm 15/07/22 (AEST).
Can only Australian Residents enter?
Open to Australian residents in all eligible states/territories who fulfil the method of entry requirements.
How do I submit my work for the awards?
  • Post an image or images of your work on Instagram and use the hashtag #imagyprocker.
  • Alternatively, submit images through website imagyprocker.com.au
Can I enter twice?
Yes, please do! We want you to share multiple projects that you have done over the past year.
When can my project be from?
Anything you completed from the 12th September 2021 to now. Go through your photos and look over your projects and find examples of some work you are most proud of.
What can I win?
  • This year there will be 20 winners and 1 major prize winner.
  • The 20 winners will receive a trophy, a bounty of product and Gyprock merchandise valued over $2,000.
  • The Major prize winner will be chosen from the 20 winners and will receive trophy, a bounty of products and Gyprock merchandise valued over $20,000.
Can I enter by posting my images on Instagram?
Yes you can enter via Instagram and #imagyprocker. Alternatively you can enter via imagyprocker.com.au. We will be sharing various entries on the CSR Gyprock Instagram page as a post or a story, so keep an eye out!
When are the winners announced?
A winner be announced each weekday for the first 20 days of August starting Monday 1st and concluding Friday 26th August.

A Major prize winner will be announced Monday 29th August.
Where do I pick up my prizes and award?
Winners must collect their prize from their 'local' nominated store, where they buy their Gyprock products from regularly. We will be in contact with you to confirm the best location.
Does my whole job have to use Gyprock products?
We'd love for you to use Gyprock on the whole job. However, the elements on the photo you take must include Gyprock sheets and compounds and/or cornice. We know some jobs require ornate cornice so we will let you off on that one.
Do I need a gyprock account to enter?
No, but we need to be able to check that you've purchased Gyprock either by a receipt or we can check with the reseller you purchased from to verify that you've bought Gyprock branded products.
Can I submit video?
Yes, we would love that!!! We want to see your work come to life and we want to see you and your team in action.
What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is the # sign you will see across this campaign. On Instagram users can follow hashtags and see all the posts that use them. For example, if someone follows the hashtag #imagyrocker, they'll see recent posts that have that hashtag in their feed. It's an easy way to see what others are doing in the plastering community.